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Case Study: Arthurs Seat Split System Installations

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Recently the team at Hyde Heating and Cooling were contacted by a client looking for ducted heating systems on the Mornington Peninsula, a client with a residential holiday home based at Arthurs Seat.

They found that their existing Gas Ducted Heating System was no longer fit for purpose. The system was not big enough to efficiently heat their home and the problem was further exacerbated as they’d had rodents damage the ducting that was stored under the house.  The family needed a new solution that would efficiently heat and cool their house, and one that was less likely to risk rodent damage in the future.

For their house located in Arthurs Seat, Split System installations were done in each bedroom previously  but these systems were simply not large enough to cool the lounge area so a bigger system was needed. They contacted us at Hyde Heating and Cooling to come up with a solution.

The family were environmentally conscious and had already installed a large solar panel system on the roof of their property. As such, repairing their gas ducted heating system was not the most appropriate option for their needs.  They were looking for Mornington Peninsula air conditioning installers that understood their passion for renewable energy who could service Arthurs Seat with Split System installations.

This is where Hyde Heating and Cooling came in. Our team removed their old gas ducted heating system and replaced the old system with two new Daikin ducted reverse cycle air conditioners.  We installed these systems in a way that they could be managed from one centralized controller that was mounted in the Lounge room as this was the most commonly used communal area. We enhanced this system with smart home features so that it could be controlled remotely.

The new system that our team installed can be controlled from Melbourne so that our clients could ensure that their home was at the right temperature every time as they arrived from Melbourne. They could efficiently turn the heating or cooling on as required with enough time for their home to be at the perfect temperature when they arrived.

To better improve their energy efficiency we further set up the house so that it was split into two areas for heating and cooling. The larger 16kw system was focused on heating and cooling the lounge and bedroom wing. The smaller 5kw ducted system was installed in a way to serve the master bedroom wing of the house so energy could be used efficiently to heat or cool only those areas as required depending on the time of day.

Whether you’re looking for Arthurs Seat Split System installation or Mornington Peninsula Ducted Heating Systems the team at Hyde Heating and Cooling has you covered. With unparalleled customer service and a team with decades of experience you can be confident with the advice given and the quality of installation. Please do not hesitate to get in touch today to discuss your needs. We look forward to helping you.


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