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Previous Job profile: After meeting with the client and explaining exactly what they had in mind, we were able to design and install exactly what they were looking for, functionality wise and design wise. As the house was perfectly architecturally designed, it was only fitting that we created something for them that not only complimented the space but didn’t take anything away from it.
Slimline linear grilles are flush with the ceiling to give you a seamless refined finish in the main house, to not detract from the crisp interior.

We installed two 16kw Fujitsu ducted reverse cycle air conditioners, each in different wings of the home. As the house was separated in two sections, we felt it was a much better idea to install different systems. Installing multiple systems is a great idea for isolating heat and cooling in areas that you are using, you will also find that the heat or cooling has better distribution to your space.
Not only but also, having different systems to localise certain parts of your home, you are also saving money. Why cool or heat the whole house if you can only use one room at a time.

We also had the pleasure of installing another 10kw Fujitsu bulkhead air conditioning system in the pool house rear to the property. This system was able to incorporate the supply and return air in the same location, nestled perfectly within the bulkhead, which created the perfect nook for the tv and joinery.
Design and integration start from the planning stage to make sure your heating and cooling requirements are met, and not as an afterthought.
Check out the photos of the finished project, it was a great project to work on.
Link to the project while under construction: https://hydeheatingandcooling.com.au/back-beach-road-portsea/
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