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Point Leo Heating And Cooling Residential Project

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Point Leo Heating And Cooling Residential Project

Recently we completed some works for the highly respected contractor David McDonald Builders. The works were completed on a large residential property in Pt Leo on the Mornington peninsula; it was a great project to be involved in and, as always, it was great to work with the team from David McDonald Builders.

At Hyde Heating and Cooling, our client list is not restricted to individual clients hiring us directly to help them with all of their heating and cooling needs; we also have a great reputation with local building contractors.

We have built this solid reputation with local contractors by always being on hand and being realistic and transparent with what we can deliver. We’ll never over promise and under deliver; if we say we’ll be there by a certain time and complete the job by a certain time, we absolutely will. This is our guarantee to all contractors.

The upstairs of the project we advised the installation of a multi-split system and from a manufacturer point of view we went for the ever-reliable Fujitsu brand; it’s our preferred manufacturer when it comes to multi-split systems.

Whilst downstairs we went with Daikin from manufacturer perspective installing three 16w Daiken ducted systems along with a 20kw Daikin ducted system to ensure downstairs in its entirety was covered.


We were able to have the system ducting run through the large open ceilings and up into the roof space using trowelled grilles from Holyoake to support this.

The outdoor units were sited in plant rooms at the site of the house; they were placed discretely and in the best possible way for the end-user.

In conclusion

We at Hyde Heating and Cooling are proud to work with and build lasting relationships with local contractors; we’re happy that our work speaks for itself and further enhances our reputation.


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