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Hydronic heating

is a form of heating that operates by heating water in a boiler, the heated water then travels through insulated pipes into radiator panels and towel rails that are strategically installed throughout the home to offer you balanced and compartmentalised heat.
When the water has cooled it is then returned to the boiler to be reheated, the boiler that heats the water is perhaps the most important part of the whole system. It can run on natural gas, LPG, an electric heat pump or even use solar power ( with a gas booster for those annoying Melbourne cloudy days). The cost of running hydronic heating will depend almost solely on how the boiler is powered.

That is exactly what our clients in Sorrento had in mind when building their new home. When building a new home you obviously go through absolutely everything from the ground up, what kind of lights you are installing, what the foundation will be made out of and heating and cooling are one of the most important things to think about too.

Our clients in Sorrento wanted an even flow and efficient heat throughout the whole home. We sat down and discussed what their best option would be. Hydronic heating was the best option for them as they wanted an option where they could segregate and isolate parts of the home or heat the home throughout without that was also cost-efficient.

We ended up installing 14 Henrad compact panels that are serviced by a 28kw High-efficiency Baxi Boiler. The Hydronic heating will generally heat tiles and floors as well as regulating humidity levels and is found to be much quieter than any other type of heating system.

We also installed a central programmable thermostat that gives the customer complete and ultimate control of temperature to their home and control over the cost. Along with the new build of their home, they also wanted something that looked good, fit in with their style and didn’t take anything away from the overall feel and look of the home.

If you are considering Hydronic heating in your home, there are some added benefits that you can factor into your decision. Hydronic heating is a green, eco-friendly choice, hydronic heating is a natural heating alternative that utilises water and natural gas, the energy use can be up to 70% less than other methods. Another advantage to Hydronic heating is that it provides warmth with the same way nature does by natural convection and radiation. It does not dry out the air by burning or causing unpleasant draughts, it also doesn’t create humidity.

The heating systems are completely dust-free! The allergen-free form of heating makes it ideal for people who suffer from medical conditions such as asthma. Hydronic heating is completely and utterly sealed, no exposed flames or electrical connections that could potentially cause fire hazardous fires.

The temperature of the water circulates in the hydronic heating systems at an adjustable temperature to determine optimum comfort levels in each individual room. The sealed Hydronic system contains very few moving parts. If quality components are used and installed by an expert the system should remain maintenance free for years to come. Hydronic heating is a stylish set and forgets type of system. The boiler and gas appliance should be serviced annually to ensure ongoing efficient and safe operations.

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