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Top 6 tips for you & your split system air conditioner


Top 6 tips for you & your split system air conditioner

Air conditioning units are now so commonplace that they really are “part of the furniture” so to speak; much like a TV or a fridge.

But they’re much, much more than this.

Air conditioners are complex devices, which require specialist input in terms of maintenance and diagnostics. If you find yourself in a situation where you air conditioner isn’t working, often there are no visible signs as to why; this is why you need the help of a qualified expert.

Here’s how to keep your air conditioning unit in good working order:

1.   Hire a professional for installation and repairs

One of the main reasons for air conditioner breakdown is a shoddy installation job; the air conditioner compressor may not start or the external block may not be included as a whole.

Users often install the split systems on their own without any special knowhow, equipment or tools. The device therefore is more likely to breakdown sooner, hastening the need for repair or complete replacement.

This is why we would always advise you to contact professionals when installing an air conditioning unit. This will not only extend its life but also save you the heartache and cost of future repairs.

2.   Get an air conditioner that’s an appropriate for the size of the room.

Inappropriate air conditioner selection, i.e. the use of a unit that fails to contemplate the ratio of power and the area of the room, can reduce the lifespan of the unit.

Trying to cool a large area with an air conditioner that isn’t powerful enough results in the equipment consuming a lot of power leading to  more frequent maintenance and repair.

Be sure to consult with a specialist about the size of your space.

3.   Regularly clean filters and internal block details.

The internal split unit of the cooling or heating system blows out a huge amount of air, together with dust and dirt. These remain on the filters and other components of the internal unit. This in turn affects the performance of the device.

It is important to carefully read the operating instructions before use and to regularly carry out diagnostics and cleaning of equipment to ensure its longevity.

4.   Replace freon once every 1-2 years.

The leakage of freon is another reason that the air conditioner can break. In general, refrigerant leakage occurs at about 5-7% per year. This is when the air conditioning and reverse cycle are operating normally. It is necessary to refuel the freon once every 1-2 years to keep the equipment functioning properly.

5. Use the split system within the bounds of its temperature limits.

Each air conditioning unit has a threshold temperature at which it should be operated. The non-inverting units can be operated in temperatures down to -7 °C. Inverter units can be operated in temperatures above -15° C.

The use of a split system outside the manufacturer’s temperature limits is prohibited; if you ignore this, sooner or later, the fan won’t turn the external unit on or the compressor will break completely.

6. Keep the remote control out of the reach of your kids.

We all know that kids love remotes; and we all know that they love to break them! Just keep your air conditioning unit remote out of reach!

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