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Why we are installing a lot of Daikin VRV systems

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For a lot of our jobs recently we have been installing Daikin VRV systems and we thought it would be worthwhile writing a blog post discussing the system and why we choose it for our clients.

There are some key benefits to the system that we outline below:

Individualised Settings – Daikin VRV systems can support a number of indoor units. Each unit can be set to the desired temperature for that room. They can be controlled remotely and scheduled individually. A home with many residents and multiple units can be set up to ensure that everyone is comfortable.

Space Saving Design 

The Daikin VRV system comes in a range of capacities. These capacities range from 9kW up to 24kW so can be used to provide comfort no matter the space. Thankfully the unique design means that these systems are still compact and can support long piping. This means that the outdoor unit won’t take up much space but it can also be placed out of site, to minimise the visual impact of the appearance of your home.

Designed for Comfort and Energy Saving –

With smart features built in, the Daikin VRV systems are designed for comfort and to be environmentally friendly. They can sense when people are out of the room and energy saving features whilst also ensuring minimal drafts when people are in the room. They are also designed to be whisper quiet so that noise won’t inconvenience you during the day or at night. The outdoor unit is also designed to ensure that there is no impact on your neighbours.

Flexibility and versatility –

The Daikin VRV system gives us flexibility for any household and any situation. There are a wide variety of indoor unit options available and their outdoor unit can connect to up to 14 indoor units.

The Daikin VRV system truly is a flexible system. But we wanted to further share with you why we trust Daikin products for our customers.

It is all they do

– Where many other manufacturers have a wide variety of products, air conditioning is all that Daikin does. We trust the quality of their products and how they can help our clients.

Quality After Sales Support

– We know that the team at Daikin are always there to help us ensure that your Daikin VRV system is working effectively now, and continues to comfort you well into the future. We value their quality after sales support.

Supporting People With Asthma

– Daikin Systems are approved by the National Asthma Council Australia Sensitive Choice® program, and we want to make sure our clients and their families are protected.
Daikin VRV systems are quality systems for a house that has many internal units. We are happy to recommend them to all of our clients – whether in a new-build or upgrading an existing property. If you would like to discuss your air-conditioning needs, please get in touch with us today.

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